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Dona Sarkar Talks What’s Next For The Windows Insider Program

Keeping the fire burning! One of the big successes for Microsoft in recent times is the Windows Insider Program, the popular preview program for the operating system with millions upon millions of users. Last we heard, there

You’ll Finally Be Able To Resume Windows Updates

We all know the feeling. With Windows updates going crazy up in size, deploying and installing these updates and patches is quite a process. One that is about to get streamlined very soon. With Windows 10 taking

No New Windows 10 Build This Week Again

What a month! Things have pretty much slowed down to a halt, as far as new Windows 10 preview builds for Insiders are concerned. We officially have the second straight week without any action. This past week

No Redstone 4 Build This Week As UWP Bug Runs Amok

The most anticipated Redstone 4 build in recent memory is now the most delayed Redstone 4 build in recent memory. A UWP bug has caused some severe issues with the Windows development team. Leading them to delay

Not Every Windows Insider Will Get Access To All Features

From now on. In an unexpected move, Microsoft has revealed that it has began A/B testing on the Windows Insider Program, meaning some Insiders will not get all Fast ring features. This is a rather surprising development,

No Redstone 4 Insider Preview Builds Until Next Week

That settles it! The weekend is almost upon us, and that these days usually means new Redstone 4 preview builds for Windows Insiders to take for a spin during the break. Usually. But not this time. The

Windows 10 Insider Builds Causing A Ruckus On Surface Pro 3

Old and new. Never a dull moment when old and new don’t play nicely together. This is the case here, as the latest Windows 10 Insider builds that was recently released is causing issues. Installation issues on

No New Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds This Week

It’s official, folks. Last week, a blocking bug ruined the launch plans of a new Windows 10 Insider Preview build, and now there is news that another show-stopping bug has been discovered. Which in simpler terms, means

Microsoft Will Soon Tell What’s The Holdup With New Builds

There’s news if you have been wondering when the next Windows 10 preview builds will make their way out of Redmond walls. Not good news, not bad news either, just plain old news. And that’s because even

Blocking Bug Means No Fast Ring Builds This Week

A blocking bug? Man, those are the worse! If you were looking forward to some serene Windows 10 testing this weekend, and Fast ring getting a new preview build, then there’s news for you. New, straight from