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FINALLY! – Windows 8.1 Preview ISO’s are now available for download

I’m not sure what the hell took so long but they’re up now. Microsoft has finally put up links to the ISO’s of Windows 8.1 How to install Windows 8.1 Preview from an ISO file To install Windows 8.1 Preview from an ISO file, you

The Microsoft Office 2013 Consumer Preview is available for download

Microsoft have released the first public preview of the next version of Office. It’s called Office 2013 and it has a ton of new features and Windows 8 compaitibility/hooks. Office 2013 can be downloaded now here! It

Download the Windows Server 8 Beta

What is Windows Server 8 – chopped liver? The Windows 8 Server side has gotten no love so far but never fear, that’s available for download as well. To download the Windows Server 8 Beta, you have

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview is now available worldwide

Microsoft have released the Windows 8 Consumer Preview for worldwide slow download. It’s going to be slow for a while as the whole planet tugs at the files but do yourself a favor and only download it

Windows 8 Consumer preview available on the 29th of February at 9am US Eastern Time?

Tom Warren at theVerge is reporting that the final build of Windows 8 (8250) is expected to get signed off on this coming Friday. More significant is the news of a download time: Microsoft will unveil its

Kinect SDK Beta 2 adds Windows 8 support

Earlier this week, Microsoft officials announced that they plan to release a Kinect  SDK for Windows for commercial usage in early 2012. Today, Microsoft has updated the other SDK that’s used for non commercial usage. This new

Windows Server 8 Developer Preview is now available for download

Microsoft has rolled out its new Windows Server 8 operating system today. Windows Server 8 is designed with the cloud in mind. Microsoft has optimised Windows Server 8 for high availability and high-performance virtualization. The new OS

Windows 8 Developer Preview is now available

Start your engines. The Windows 8 Developer Preview is now available for download. Here’s the URL

Download the Windows 8 Developer Preview Tonight!

Toward the end of the BUILD keynote on day 2, Steven Sinofsky notified the world that they would be releasing the Windows 8 Developer Preview tonight. I took a picture of the slide from the audience and

Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview is available for download

Microsoft on Wednesday unveiled the second test version of its next Web browser, Internet Explorer 10. This will be the stock browser to ship with the highly anticipated Windows 8 operating system, expected next year, and today’s