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Wow – Eric Schmidt can’t even hide his contempt for Microsoft just a little?

Wow Eric, how do you really feel? In an interview with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher in New York the other day, the Google exec made some really catty and biting remarks. Samples: Mossberg: Two years ago

Are Intel storm clouds threatening the Windows 8 hardware launch?

It seems Intel’s dark clouds may be hovering over the Windows 8 launch. According to Bloomberg: Microsoft hasn’t yet approved any tablets featuring an Intel processor code-named Clover Trail because the chipmaker hasn’t produced necessary power-management software,

Intel attempt to kiss and make up with Microsoft

Intel felt the need to respond to the scandal and drama of their CEO saying that Windows 8 wasn’t ready. They released the following statement in response to the hubbub. Intel has a long and successful heritage working

Intel CEO says Windows 8 is being shipped before it’s ready

Showing that he didn’t learn ANYTHING from Mitt Romney’s mistakes, the CEO of Intel has made a big boo boo. He reportedly told employees in Taiwan that Microsoft is shipping Windows 8 before it’s ready. The plan

New Rumor: Apple to stage event near or during BUILD

OK so new rumor that just came in that I had to share. I can’t verify this one but as always, I ONLY pass on the interesting and partly credible ones. A source sent us tip stating

Beef between Steven Sinofsky and Scott Barnes?

Drama, Drama, Drama. In what seems to be a very interesting blog post, Scott Barnes basically hits back against an alleged statement that Steven Sinofsky made. The statement was (allegedly) the following: ‘We didn’t talk about XAML