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NVIDIA Ends Driver Support For 32-Bit Windows

It is time. 32-bit Windows and, well even other operating systems, have been around for a long while now, and showing little signs of slowing down. NVIDIA, however, thinks that their time has come. The graphics card

Synaptics Says HP Keylogger Is Actually A Debug Tool

Nothing to fear? HP recently came under severe fire after for allegedly bundling a keylogger onto its drivers, which would have allowed cybercriminals the ability to track every keystroke of a user. This thing blew up fast.

Preinstalled Keylogger Found On Countless HP Laptops

Well, not exactly countless, but over 460 HP laptops are affected. The company is rolling out a fix for its touchpad driver, which has been found to contain a keylogger by a security expert. A situation not

Did Microsoft Help HP Install Malware On Windows PCs?

Spy much? HP has become the newest big name to be dragged into a spying scandal, as a driver recently snuck through Windows Update and was installed on a number of Windows PCs. The spyware is said

Microsoft Hails Creators Update As The Best Version Of Windows 10

Ever. The timing of a post like this is interesting, what with the Fall Creators Update on the horizon, but Microsoft took time out to praise the current version of the operating system. The Windows 10 Creators

More Surface Pro 4 Updates Arrive Without Release Notes

Releases notes, that is to say. The software titan continues with its policy of releasing updates for its products, like the Surface Pro 4 in this case, without any accompanying documentation. To the frustration of many. As

The Intel Being At Fault For Surface Story Was Fabricated

It sure looks like that. Someone somewhere may have fabricated the Intel being at fault for the Surface issues story, juicy new detail of which have just been revealed. The Surface line is the center of attention

Upgrading From Windows XP? Here Is How To Avoid Driver Issues

With some 60 odd days remaining between now and the official retirement of Windows XP, there is no shortage of people that are upgrading to a newer version of the operating system, be it Windows 7 or

Surface Pro 2 October 2013 Firmware And Driver Pack Available For Download

Microsoft is usually more into automatic deliveries of its software updates, but oh, so occasionally, the company does push out some manual downloads. And the recently released Surface Pro 2 has just got one earlier today. The

Users Report High RAM Usage On Windows 8.1 Preview

Today’s Windows 8.1 Preview bug report has us on an issue that is causing high usage of RAM on some computers that have installed the public preview version of the operating system. The likely culprit is a