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Windows 10 Dual Boot On Chromebooks Soon?

Looks like Chromebook users are in for a treat. Buzz among the bees is that Google is working on allowing users to dual boot Windows 10 with Chrome OS on its machines. This report provides mode details

Chinese Vendors Show Increased Interest In Dual OS Tablets

Dual boot tablets may have been in the news since CES 2014, but now with Computex 2014 done and dusted, the jury is still out on whether these type of devices are the future of tablets, or

Huawei Seems To Have Abandoned Plans For A Dual OS Smartphone

The constant flip flopping over dual OS smartphone is currently one of the most piercing mysteries in technology. The user base might be ready, but almost all vendors are having second thoughts. Sure, Ramos is almost ready

Dual OS Tablets Still On, Leaked Pictures Show Ramos i10 Pro Ahead Of Launch

Fortune favors the brave. Or bold. Or whatever. While other companies are still contemplating whether or not to launch dual boot solutions, Chinese manufacturer, Ramos, is taking the first step. We have been hearing for a while

Huawei Also Plans To Launch Dual Boot Windows Phones

Chinese mobile phone maker Huawei is currently the third largest smartphone maker in the world, and although it has been nearly not as active on the Windows Phone front, it plans to change that. The company has

Intel Expects An Abundance Of Dual OS Devices In 2014

I guess when it comes to dual boot devices, Intel is one company one can imagine hyping up the prospects. The chip giant has stakes in both Windows powered hardware and devices running Android. And next to

Samsung’s Dual Boot 13.3-Inch Tablet May Actually Be The Ativ Q

Recall the impressive Samsung Ativ Q when it was first unveiled earlier this year? The company showcased the tablet at an event in London this June, but it has been out of the radar since then. Now,

Dual Booting Linux Might be Possible in Windows 8 After All

Microsoft responded to the reports of Windows 8 not being able to dual boot Linux because of the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface. (UEFI) Tony Mangefeste, senior program manager at Microsoft,  disproved the theory in a blog post last Thursday.