Dual SIM

Lumia 540 Official

Microsoft Lumia 540 Dual SIM Announced

Microsoft has made official another affordable model in its mobile range. The Lumia 540 is a 5-inch smartphone with dual SIM capabilities and comes with…


Dual SIM Nokia Lumia 530 Spotted At The FCC

The first Lumia smartphones running Windows Phone 8.1 have hit store shelves, namely the Lumia 630, Lumia 635 and the Lumia 930, and now attention…


Nokia Confirms Dual SIM Lumia 630 May Launch At $169

It really is amazing what $169 gets you these days. The trickledown effect of ever increasing computing technology is vividly evident here, as Nokia has…


Nokia To Target Low End By Launching New Dual SIM Lumia Smartphones

The Finnish telecommunication giant focused on premium Lumia smartphones after joining the Microsoft Windows Phone camp. And rightly so, to good success it must be…