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Email, Contacts Search Coming To Cortana In Redstone 4

Code debt. The term for the features that are missing from a new version of a product. Well, Microsoft had a fair bit of this in Windows 10, and Cortana sure is taking some of the load.

Microsoft Announces Major Overhaul For

Microsoft have announced an update to the website today, which not only makes the email service a lot more attractive in terms of the UI, but also a bit more useful. Pretty much the best email

Microsoft Buys Acompli For Just Over $200 Million

Redmond has just officially confirmed the purchase of Acompli, a cross-platform email solution. It offers the option of combining email and calendar in one app, among other things. According to reports, the deal is worth north of

Your Email Belongs To You, Not Us, Says Microsoft

All your base are belong to us? Well, something very similar to the timeless meme. Microsoft continues its legal battle against the US government for email privacy. This time however, the company is saying that all your

Microsoft Fights For Email Privacy With Newspaper Ads

Full page newspaper ads, of course. Papers in the United States, this week, are filled with Microsoft advertisements advocating for much enhanced email privacy. Redmond’s fight against the US government for requests to provide access to user

Microsoft Wants Your Help In Fighting Email Spam

The software titan has started sending out emails to users, asking for their help in fighting email spam. If you ever wanted to become a spam fighter, now is your chance. Enlist now! Basically, the company

Microsoft Outlook Infographic Shows Just How Limited Gmail Is

Ah, infographics. Easily digestible nuggets of information. A new Microsoft Outlook infographic has been released that paints Gmail in a rather bad light, and shows just how limited the competing service is. Redmond has a history of

Satya Nadella Promises Innovation In New Email To Employees

It seems only yesterday when Satya Nadella took charge as Microsoft CEO back in February. Since then, he has overseen a number of product releases, making key decisions along the way. Through it all, though, the new

Satya Nadella’s new email to Microsoft’s employees

The CEO has spoken. Here is new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s email to the troops. Today is a very humbling day for me. It reminds me of my very first day at Microsoft, 22 years ago. Like

New Skype For Contest Launched By Microsoft

Another fine new day, and another fine new Microsoft contest! This time, the recently expanded Skype for gets a look (pun fully intended, with apologies). As we reported earlier today, Redmond launched the Skype for