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Week In Review (Jun 2 – Jun 6)

This week was all about Computex 2014, the stylish technology extravaganza. And Computex was all about Windows powered devices, from the Intel Core M announcement to radically affordable tablets made possible thanks to Windows 8.1 with Bing.

Emdoor Releases A $100 Windows 8.1 Bay Trail Tablet

Impossible, what impossible? Microsoft talked about bringing low cost Windows powered devices to market, Intel even put up a target price range for these budget devices. And lo and behold, a $100 Windows 8.1 tablet is now

A $60 Windows Powered Tablet Could Be A Reality This Year

There is affordable, and then there is dirt cheap. Guess which category these new tablets fall into. Intel recently reiterated its grand plan for filling the store shelves with budget Windows powered tablets. But while the chip