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Microsoft Enhances Encryption On Outlook.com, OneDrive

User privacy, some say, is a relative factor. Still, the more efforts that are made to ensure user privacy the better. And Microsoft have been at the forefront of this drive, announcing one series of improvements after

Microsoft Makes Official Security Enhancements To Block Government Spying

News floated up a week or so back that Redmond was looking at a number of security improvements and encrypt its network and Internet traffic to block any potential spying programs from either the United States or

Microsoft Reportedly Looking To Encrypt Its Internet Traffic To Block NSA Breaches

So this is how it goes. There is a clear and present suspicion that the NSA may be monitoring the global communications systems of major technology companies to collect user data. And for this reason companies like

Microsoft: We Designed Windows 8 With Security In Mind From The Word Go

Security experts agree that Redmond’s latest operating system is the most secure version of Windows yet, as it comes with several new technologies and enhancements to protect users, both online and off. In fact, most are of

Using BitLocker to Protect Your Data in Windows 8

Bitlocker is a component of Pro and Enterprise editions of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 that enables you to protect the contents of your hard drive through encryption. It is also available in Enterprise versions of