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Organizations Can Now Easily Sideload Apps In Windows 8.1

Sideloading is a term that might sound a little intimidating for some users. In reality, though, it is a simple enough concept that means installation of applications outside the official defined ecosystem. For Windows 8.1, as an

Windows 9 And Windows 9 Pro May Not Launch At The Same Time

Remember Windows ME? Millennium Edition? The last operating system in the Windows 9x series, it is notable for the fact that Microsoft changed its strategy majorly after the release of this versions of the OS back in

New Research Reveals That 94% Of Organizations Are Still Running Windows XP

The soon-to-be-retired Windows XP may technically be the second most popular operating system in the world, but a sweeping look at the business side of things may paint a different pictures. An overwhelming majority of enterprises, institutes,

Windows XP Will Be Easy To Hack, Microsoft Claims In A New Document

The technology world is gearing up to say goodbye to a trusty old operating system. Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP after April 8, 2014, and news about the ancient OS continues to surface as we head

Windows XP Patches Can Still Be Made After Retirement, But At A Heavy Price

Microsoft is all set to end official support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. And the operating system that took over the world after launching nearly 12 years ago will finally stop receiving security updates beyond

Analyst: Enterprise IT Users Will Be The Ones Most Interested In Windows 8.1

The Windows operating system, in its various forms and flavors, is powering no less than 91.67 percent of computers worldwide, according to the latest statistics by the market research firm Net Applications. Windows 8, individually, now stands

VPN May Not Be Coming To Windows Phone 8 In 2013

Redmond has taken several important strides for its mobile platform, Windows Phone 8, in recent months, and the result is that the platform has finally gathered some necessary traction. But one critical area that Windows Phone is

Lupin Signs Up For Microsoft Office 365

Add another company to the remarkable list of large businesses and organizations that have signed up to use Microsoft’s cloud-based Office 365 offering. Lupin Limited, a pharmaceutical company has decided to deploy Microsoft’s solution instead of Google

Microsoft Issues New Windows XP Warning

It may seem like clockwork, but Microsoft often takes time out to remind users that it will soon be discontinuing the classic operating system that goes by the name of Windows XP. And the reason for this

Analyst: The Next Two Months Are Critical For Upgrading From Windows XP

Windows XP has less than a year before Microsoft will stop providing support. The cutoff data has been announced as April 8, 2014, but clearly things are not moving as fast as Redmond would have hoped. While