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Week In Review (Oct 13 – Oct 17)

An interesting little week for Microsoft, with almost all attention shifted towards what’s next for the Windows 10 Technical Preview that was released at the start of this month. Other than that, it was business as usual

Google Considers Amazon As Their Search Rival, Not Microsoft

Oh, come on, Mr. Schmidt! The current chairman of Google wrote a very lengthy blog post recently, where, among other things, he revealed that Amazon is their biggest search competitor. Not Bing or Yahoo, or even (potentially)

Eric Schmidt Surprised By High Tablet Adoption Rates In Enterprises

Google’s public face, Eric Schmidt is not someone that is easily surprised, or amazed for that matter. But the technology industry has the tendency to shock even the most experienced of campaigners. And when you are talking

Eric Schmidt: People Should Ignore Microsoft’s Anti-Google Statements

Google and Microsoft have recently locked horns on almost all technological fronts, from search engines to operating systems, cloud computing to hardware and everything in between. And it stands to reason that both technology giants are the

Eric Schmidt of Google: Our Battle with Apple is Over. We Won.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, in a recent interview with Bloomberg declared that Android’s undeclared war with iOS is pretty much over … and his side won. The key to the victory, he said, is massive demand for

Week In Review (Dec 3 – Dec 7)

After the bombastic confirmation of Surface Pro last week, these were a relatively quiet five days for Microsoft — at least by its own standards. Its promotion of Surface RT gathered pace and Windows Store continued its

Google Chairman Believes Microsoft Is Still Out Of The Gang Of Four

Remember the movie About Schmidt, eh? The 57-year-old Eric Schmidt still does not see Microsoft as a viable player in the new technology landscape. He has placed Microsoft out of his “Gang of Four”, a group of

Wow – Eric Schmidt can’t even hide his contempt for Microsoft just a little?

Wow Eric, how do you really feel? In an interview with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher in New York the other day, the Google exec made some really catty and biting remarks. Samples: Mossberg: Two years ago

Quote of the day – Eric Schmidt from Google

The quote of the day comes from Eric Schmidt – the executive chairman of Google. “Steve Jobs was the Michelangelo of our time. A friend of mine and a unique character, able to combine creativity and visionary

Eric Shmidt says publicly what people have been saying…publicly

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt snubbed Microsoft during an appearance this week at the D9 conference Rancho Palos Verdes, California. He referred to a so-called “gang of four,” high tech companies that were driving innovation and growing