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Windows 10 Insider Builds Causing A Ruckus On Surface Pro 3

Old and new. Never a dull moment when old and new don’t play nicely together. This is the case here, as the latest Windows 10 Insider builds that was recently released is causing issues. Installation issues on

No Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds For A While

In what is perhaps the oddest time for a show stopping bug to surface, one just has, with Microsoft confirming that there will be no new Windows 10 Insider Preview builds for quite some time. As in,

How To Troubleshoot Problems In Windows 10

Windows has always had largely solid wizards that help you troubleshoot problems related to hardware and software in the operating system. And Windows 10 adds an even more helpful touch. Distressed PC users can now find a

KB3001652 Patch Causing Computers To Lock Up

Oh boy, not again. It’s Patch Tuesday time. Or Update Tuesday, if you will. And this time around, another patch is causing trouble for users that deployed it on their machines. Not the first time this has

Users Still Reporting Windows 7 BSODs After New Patch

Well, at least the problem is not as widespread or as lethal as last time. Microsoft released a new patch but it appears that Windows 7 BSODs are still persistent. KB2993651 is the patch that has just

Botched Patch Tuesday Update Breaks Down Office 2013

Microsoft had been delivering flawless updates these past few months, and the majority of users that deployed Patch Tuesday updates did so without experiencing any issues. Sure, Windows 8.1 Update caused a few installation problems, but that

The Blue Screen Of Death Is Slowly Becoming A Thing Of The Past

Recall that dreaded feeling? Yup, the one caused by the Blue Screens of Death (BSOD) error screens that showed up as a result of problems on Windows workstations. Windows XP was particularly notorious for this, and is