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Microsoft To Retire Old Skype Windows 10 Versions

End of the line, shorty! Microsoft is all set to retire Old Skype for Windows 10 versions and has asked users to upgrade or lose their Skype conversations. The cutoff date? May 25. Apparently, the company has

Microsoft Might Be Forced To Rename Skype In Europe

The European odyssey continues for Microsoft, and the market is slowly becoming a bit of a hostile environment for the company, at least when it comes to legal issues. After the hefty fine handed to it by

European Commission Working Towards A Single Digital Market

The fine folks over at the European Commission have agreed to work on a new legislation that may potentially have some big consequences for the digital markets. Digital markets like the Windows Store. The body has now

Right To Be Forgotten Option Coming Soon To Bing

Bing will get a “Right to be Forgotten” option soon, Microsoft have once again reiterated. The company says that such a feature is currently in development, and details are being finalized. Exactly how soon it is implemented,

The European Union Fires Off Windows XP Retirement Warning

Hand it to the European Union to look after its population. At least when it comes to computing and technology, even video games. The various bodies in EU have actively discussed and taken decisions on a number

EU Regulator Hopes That Nokia Will Not Become A Patent Troll

The EU antitrust commission recently gave their okay for Microsoft to acquire Nokia’s hardware and services business, meaning Redmond can now complete the transaction early next year. But Nokia will continue to service as a separate company

The EU Commission Approves Microsoft’s Nokia Takeover

Not that many expected any major hurdles, or any hurdles for that matter, but Redmond can now go on with its plan to purchase Nokia’s smartphone business. The European Commission has finally given the go-ahead for the

EU Will Soon Okay The Microsoft Nokia Deal, Says Reuters

Redmond, it seems, will soon get the go-ahead for the Nokia deal from the antitrust body in the European Union. Which means that the deal could be on track for completion in early 2014, as planned. Reuters

Microsoft Now Waiting For Go Ahead From EU Regulators On Nokia Deal

Earlier this year, Microsoft made official a deal to take over the mobile phone business of Nokia, and now the company has officially asked the European Commission to give approval for the acquisition. The company has made

EU Privacy Regulators Ask Microsoft To Adjust And Bing

I guess this is what you get when you claim to be a company that really cares about the privacy of its users. Microsoft has just been asked by privacy watchdogs in European Union to make some