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European Commission Working Towards A Single Digital Market

The fine folks over at the European Commission have agreed to work on a new legislation that may potentially have some big consequences for the digital markets. Digital markets like the Windows Store. The body has now

The Browser Choice Screen Is No More

Thankfully! Microsoft has quite a history with the European Commission, filled with regulatory cases and fines. The Browser Choice screen that the company was forced to put up a particular highlight. More so, considering that other technology

European Commission Initiates Antitrust Probe Against Google

The long arms of the law? The European Commission is once again breathing on Google’s tail, and this time the antitrust body is investigating the company’s Android contracts. Yeah, the ones it has with phone makers. Unnamed

Cisco Tries To Reverse Microsoft’s Skype Acquisition

Boy, talk about déjà vu. Cisco is trying to block Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype that was already completed in 2011, this time claiming that this deal could infringe competition rules in Europe. According to a Reuters report

FTC Slaps Google’s Wrist, Microsoft Criticizes Ruling

The FTC announces the results of their investigation into Google Yesterday, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) handed a victory to Google by finding them not guilty of skewing search results towards their own sites.  In this matter,