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Why is Microsoft working with Mark Penn?

So I saw this article on Politico and had to write about this because it’s typical Microsoft. Microsoft have endorsed Mark Penn by making him Chief Strategy Officer. Basically, CEO Satya Nadella decided to make changes and

Microsoft Desperately Needs Someone Like Alan Mulally As It’s Next CEO

I woke up a few days ago and saw that Ford (F) CEO Allan Mulally may be firmly in the running to be the next CEO of Microsoft. I couldn’t be happier. AllthingsD is reporting that while

Microsoft Reveals Company Structure, Enterprises Make Up 55% Of Business

Do you remember when was the last time Microsoft provided such deep details of its company structure? Wait don’t answer that, because the company recently talked about this in depth at its financial analyst meet. As part

Microsoft Confirms Windows Blue, Reveals A List Of Changes

Redmond had already confirmed, what it called an internal set of plans called Blue, but all other details were kept under wraps. Until now, that is. The company has come out in the open with some new

Microsoft: PCs Are Not Dead, They’re Getting Reinvented

And Windows 8 is at the forefront of this reinvention, says the Redmond executive. The continuous faltering of the PC market has led some analysts to claim that the end of the desktop computer is near. Plus

Craig Mundie, Head of Microsoft Research Arm, Steps Down

Microsoft has announced that Craig Mundie, Microsoft’s chief research and strategy officer, will retire in 2014 when he will be 65. Mundie was one of two Microsoft Corp executives who took over Bill Gates’ role at the

Why Steven Sinofsky Will Never Run Out Of Pocket Change

The tech world got a shake (and a stir) a couple of days back when the news hit that Steven Sinofsky, the President of the Windows Division at a little company called Microsoft, left the company. Here

Windows 8 Interview – a chat with Marc LeShay

As part of the ongoing Windows 8 interview series, this week I did an interview with Marc LeShay. I had the pleasure of working with Marc at a large entertainment company a few lifetimes ago and came

Windows 8 Quotes of the day – Meg Whitman

It’s Friday and time for the Windows 8 quote(s) of the day. Today’s champion is HP CEO Meg Whitman with her quotes from her interview with CRN. From the CEO: My son once lived in the city and commuted

Microsoft alleged quote of the day – Terry Myerson

Today’s “alleged” quote of the day is from Microsoft’s Terry Myerson. TheVerge.com is alleging that: In a recent all-hands meeting, we’re told that Myerson said something to the effect of “we’re at zero percent market share for