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Microsoft Could Soon Be Forced To Expand Its Fargo Campus

Fargo is one of the company’s major Microsoft Dynamics development centers, and the place where products like Dynamics, Office, SQL Server and Visual Studio are developed. And by the looks of things it could soon be running

Windows Azure Store Gets An Update

Microsoft recently updated the Windows Azure Store, and added new services as well as new partners that it previewed last fall at the company’s BUILD 2012 conference. The Windows Azure Store enables users to discover and purchase

Windows Phone Expands Its Reach To 23 New Countries

Mobile World Congress has revealed several key elements of Microsoft’s Windows Phone strategy pushing forward. First off is the reduction of its currently strict minimum requirements in order to reach segments of the market it previously had

A Few "What-If" Expansion Scenarios For Google

Earlier today I wrote an article on strategies that Microsoft is taking to stay relevant in 2012, and beyond. In order to keep the article from turning in to a complete novel, I decided to leave out