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Security Company Says They have Found a Major Windows 8 Exploit

Windows 8 has just arrived and already one security company claims (via a Tweet) to have found a major exploit that can pretty much break the whole experience. Before you get too excited, the company claiming this

Windows Phone 7.5 SMS Exploit Revealed

I am not the most devoted fan Microsoft has ever had. Yes, I’ve used many versions of Windows (even Windows 2), I’ve owned the Xbox and 360, I have many Microsoft keyboard products, but I’ve also switched

Significant Windows Phone exploit discovered

Just when Microsoft started making some headway in the Windows Phone narrative, this. A significant flaw has been discovered in Microsoft’s range of Windows Phone devices. It was discovered by winrumors.com reader Khaled Salameh. From Winrumors.com: The flaw

Windows 8 Bootkit Exploits User Account Control

Even though Windows 8 hasn’t been released yet, (it’s not even in beta, remember?) a way to exploit the User Account Control (UAC) has already been found. UAC is the annoying little pop-up box that comes up