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Microsoft Will Release Fix For The Zero-Day Flaw In December Patch Tuesday

Redmond very recently found out about a moderately threatening zero-day flaw that affects various versions of Windows and Office, and although attacks utilizing this vulnerability have been reported, it is unlikely to be patched sooner than December.

Microsoft Unearths A Major Security Flaw In Windows Vista And Office 2010

And boy, is this one scary! Redmond has just released a new security advisory this morning detailing a security flaw that the company found in a number of its products, including Windows Vista. This vulnerability allows an

The $100,000 Bug Bounty For Windows 8.1 Has Been Extended By Microsoft

Back in June this year, Microsoft launched a Windows 8.1 bug bounty campaign, with the intention of encouraging more security researchers to find and report security flaws in its newest operating system. The programs were a success,

Internet Explorer Exploit Has Gone Public, Deploy The Fix It Tool Now

News came out back in September that an Internet Explorer vulnerability that gave attackers the ability to execute arbitrary code on unpatched system had been unearthed. This particular flaw was initially said to affect versions 8 and