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How To Open File Explorer Options From Control Panel In Windows 10

It’s not every day that the good old Control Panel gets new features in Windows, what with the focus now having shifted to the modern Settings app in Windows 10. In fact, Microsoft is actually moving features

Lenovo Mixed Reality Headset Will Be Called The Explorer

Business is picking up in the Windows Mixed Reality front, with Lenovo officially confirming that its upcoming headset will be call the Explorer. And it will have similar specifications to the other HMDs. Head mounted displays, that

Windows 8 Tip: Restarting Windows Explorer

In Windows 7, there wasn’t an easy way of restarting windows explorer. You were able to kill it and it auto restarted (sometimes) but there was no easy way to just restart it. But with Windows 8,

A great Windows 8 Explorer Concept

This concept was found on WinUnleaked, and it got my attention as soon as I saw it. This concept is truly awesome and this is what we want the explorer in Windows 8 to look like. If the explorer

Three Useful Changes That Are Found In Windows 8 Desktop Mode

When it comes to Windows 8, there is no denying that most of the changes are focused on Metro. In reality though, there is certainly more than Metro, when it comes to key differences between Windows 8