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Microsoft, Again, Removes Fake Apps From Windows Store

Spring cleaning? Perfect time for it. Microsoft have given the Windows Store another round of cleaning, removing several fake and low quality apps along the way. As a result, the total number of apps in the store

Expensive Windows 8.1 Scam Apps Are Still Being Approved

I guess if you want to really nip the evil in the bud, you have to pay attention to the source. Windows 8.1 scam apps, really expensive ones, are still being approved for the platform. This, despite

Microsoft (Again) Admits Windows 8 App Quality Problem

Or rather, the issue of approving fake and scam applications. The Windows 8 app quality problem will take care of itself in time, but apps that try to trick users into buying or downloading? No sir, that

Fake Steve Ballmer Twitter Account Gets Instantly Zapped

Big old Steve. Even when he is out of his position at the very top of the technology world, he is in the news. This time, however, with no magic of his own. Well mostly. You see,

Leaked Version Of Windows 8.1 Update 1 Might Not Be The Final RTM Version

Buttermilk biscuits! If you managed to download and install the leaked Windows 8.1 Update 1 that became available last week, then, boy, you could be in for a nasty surprise. Word is that this was a premature

Beware Of Fake Windows 8.1 Update 1 Leaked ISOs

Such is the wonderful world of web that it does not take long for shady characters to start pulling their tricks in their bid to trap unsuspecting users. It does not take them long at all. With

Attack Of The VLC Clones Continues On The Windows Store

The official VLC player for Windows 8 just cannot get here fast enough. The VideoLAN team regularly provides updates on the development status of the anticipated Metro app. And the latest on the matter is that the

Microsoft Promises To Actively Remove Fake Metro Apps

The number of apps on the Windows Store is growing by the day, with the apps repository reaching an important milestone of hundred thousand unique Metro applications. But a number of apps have started to pop up

More VLC Clones Show Up On The Windows Store

Fame has a price. To get an idea just take a look at the multimedia section of the Windows Store to get an idea of the various clones of the popular VLC players that regularly make an

Microsoft Issues Warning Of Fake Java Updates

A series of vulnerabilities were found on Oracle’s Java software a little while back that could be used to be compromise and affect systems. The weakness got deserved attention with several media outlets reporting the news of