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Windows 10 April 2018 Update Launches

April is April. Smack on target, and true to its name, Microsoft has officially released the Windows 10 April 2018 Update to users that want to download it manually via the available option. Better yet, some folks

Where Oh Where Has The Desktop Tile Gone In Windows RT 8.1?

Microsoft seems to be slowly stepping away from the desktop, at least on Windows RT if not the core Windows 8.1 operating platform. The company has decided to go all in with the Metro UI on its

Leaked Screenshot Shows Windows 8.1 Will Include Alarm Apps

The absolute best thing about the development of Windows 8.1 is the constant stream of screenshots that pop up all over the web. Leaked builds are another thing, but screenshots propose a novel curiosity. And this holds

ReFS Support Said To Be Included With Windows 8.1

If there is one confirmation we have of Windows 8.1, it’s that Microsoft is all set to bring a number of really interesting changes to its flagship operating system, both under and over the hood. The stage

Windows Blue To Feature Updated Search Options

The board is set. The pieces are moving. Windows Blue (or Windows 8.1, if you will) is getting nearer by the day. And the features of this upcoming OS update are also getting clearer. One new feature

Windows Blue Start Screen Could Allow Syncing Across Devices

Here Is What The Windows Blue Modern UI File Manager Looks Like

The recently leaked alpha version of Windows Blue revealed that Microsoft is working on a Metro file manager that would allow users to carry out all essential file managements like copying, deleting and renaming files without leaving

Windows Azure Active Directory Controls Get A Boost

Mere months after adding federation capabilities between Windows Server and Windows Azure last year, Microsoft has now made some management improvements to its Azure platform. These new management capabilities are available for all users of the Windows

Viber Could Soon Bring VOIP Feature To Windows Phone

Viber is one of the more popular Windows Phone apps, and the company behind it appears set to make it even more appealing by bringing VOIP functionality to Microsoft’s mobile operating system. The company responding to user

Facebook Announces New Search Engine for Their Social Network (Video!)

Well, in my earlier speculation about the 1.00pm ET mystery press conference, I was pretty much spot on –  Facebook today announced that it will launch a search engine for their social network called “graph search.” CEO