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Analyzing Microsoft’s third fiscal quarter 2014 performance

Microsoft announced the results for the first calendar quarter of 2014 a few days later than expected, and although profits were somewhat down, the rest of the numbers keep the excitement levels up. The company announced the

Oh The Doom — Decoding Microsoft’s Q4 2013 Earnings

By now you know the story. Microsoft released its earnings report for the fourth and final quarter of last year (which is Q2 FY2014) for the company. Revenue came in at $24.52 billion, and net income, $6.56

Strong Sales Of Windows Licenses To Manufacturers Surprises Analyst

The inevitable happened. Microsoft made official its financial report for the fourth quarter of last year yesterday, and the growing numbers and sustained profits surprised many. Obviously, numbers like $24.52 billion in revenue for a quarter, and

Microsoft Posts Amazing Q2 2014 Financial Results, $24.52 Billion In Revenue

Bang on schedule, Redmond has just announced its quarterly revenue results for the fourth quarter of 2013, which makes it the company’s second quarter of fiscal year 2014. And the numbers are, once again, huge — better

Microsoft Set To Reveal Q2 Earnings On January 23

We should have the financial details of Redmond’s FY2014 Q2 earnings in just a couple of days. The company has set January 23 as the date when it will reveal its preliminary earnings report for the final

Microsoft claim 100 million Windows 8 licenses sold

Microsoft officials have indicated that Windows 8 has surpassed the 100 million licenses sold milestone. If true, this number would put it on par with similar numbers for Windows 7. “If there had been more touch devices

Windows Azure Now Generates Over $1 Billion In Annual Revenues

Add another in the list of Microsoft divisions that have annual revenues in excess of the billion dollar mark. Windows Azure, Redmond’s cloud services business now proudly boasts such a figure. Microsoft has, over the years, been

Microsoft Shares Record The Biggest Gain In 12 Months

It’s amazing what just a little push in the right direction can do. Most analysts seem to suggest that Microsoft is not doing very well now, some naysayers even predicting total doom and gloom. Obviously the slow

Microsoft Q3 Financials out – strong numbers but Windows revenue is flat

Microsoft have just released its fiscal Q3 2013 statement and it’s a little bit of a mixed bag. “The bold bets we made on cloud services are paying off as people increasingly choose Microsoft services including Office

Microsoft Quarterly Earnings Call Set For This Thursday

As a technology enthusiast you may well be aware that Microsoft has remained pretty much tight-lipped on the sale figures of its latest operating system, Windows 8. We have heard the figure of 60 million licenses sold