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Antitrust Expert Terms Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Fine Extraordinary

Can’t argue with a word like extraordinary! Microsoft may already have acknowledged its mistake and agreed to pay the massive penalty levied on it by the European Union, but analysts around the world are weighing in on

Week In Review (Mar 4 – Mar 8)

Call it a surprise or call it a shock, but this week the Surface Pro was barely in the highlight. Microsoft is probably hard at work bringing the tablet to as many retail locations as it can

Google And Opera Reportedly Behind Microsoft’s EU Fine

Well, well, well. Who would have thought Google, of all the technology companies in the world, would be such a tattletale — particularly with a corporate motto like Do No Evil. The biggest news these past few

Microsoft Fined $731 Million For Internet Explorer Fiasco

Oh, the things Redmond has to do for Internet Explorer. Microsoft recently got into a bit of tangle with competition regulators in Europe over the company’s violations of an antitrust agreement with the EU that it signed