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Fingerprint Sensors On Laptops Set For A Revolution

While fingerprint sensors on laptops were available long before the iPhone 5S popularized the concept, their adoption never really took off on these portable computers. Sure, many flagship smartphones now come with this functionality, allowing owners of

Microsoft Shows Off Windows Blue Fingerprint Support In New Video

Windows Blue is going to revolutionize fingerprint support on computing devices, at least on the software side of things, and Microsoft seems keen to showcase this new feature of its upcoming OS. The company used the TechEd

Fingerprint Support In Windows 8.1 Said To Allow Users To Lock Folders And Apps

Now, this is an interesting new high concept development I can get behind. As the saying goes, if you are doing something, it pays to do it right. And Microsoft seems to be on the right track

New Windows Blue Screenshot Reveals Fingerprint Login

The recent rumor that Microsoft is about to introduce fingerprint support in Windows 8.1 has excited fans of the platform, even if the software titan has remained completely tight-lipped on the matter. But eagle eyed technology enthusiasts

Windows 8.1 Could Introduce A Fingerprint Password Option

Microsoft has already promised that it will share more details on the Windows 8.1 upgrade leading up to the debut of the public preview set for late next month. Since little in particular has been confirmed, we