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Microsoft Warning Users Against Chrome, Firefox

Be warned. Microsoft sure likes to court controversy when it can, as this latest episode shows. The company has been caught dissuading users from installing rival browsers. Like Chrome and Firefox, and more. Now, admittedly, Microsoft Edge

Google Chrome Is Uncatchable On PC

How to catch a web browser. Google Chrome remains one of the most successful applications on the Windows platform, with the latest data showing the browser leading the charts like nothing else. Data provided by StatCounter for

Firefox Quantum Launches

Firefox Quantum, the latest version of the Mozilla browser, is here. Not only is it faster and lighter, with noticeably smoother overall operations, and comes with a new logo, it also messes up extensions. Expected. The developer

Looks Like Firefox Is Getting A New Logo

Flatter, fresher, yet familiar? Some details about the new logo included in Firefox 57, which is currently in the Nightly branch, has surfaced, signaling a change in the look and feel of the popular web browser. Along

Barely Anyone Is Using Microsoft Edge

Except the faithful few. Windows 10 put up some really good numbers this past month, but this uptick in usage did not reflect on Microsoft Edge in any major fashion. The default web browser that comes with

Internet Explorer Now Has Over Double The Share Of Chrome

The browser wars are well and alive, then! Internet Explorer has shown some strong progress over the past couple of years, even though Microsoft is ready to make IE part of history. And that is because the

Firefox Developer Thinks Windows 8 Is Not In Trouble, Far From It

Mozilla dropped a bomb recently when it stop development on Firefox for Windows 8, citing the slow adoption of the Modern UI as the deciding factor in this strange decision. The news hit the technology world by

Firefox For Windows 8 Scraped, Mozilla Stops Development

Some miserable news to start the week, one that actually came out towards the end of last, with Mozilla announcing that the Metro port of Firefox is now officially discontinued. Just like that. And that too, so

Firefox Metro Suffers Yet Another Delay, Launch Pushed Back Till March

Software development is usually a long and arduous process, one that is even more laborious when coding for a new platform. Just ask the guys that are working on the VLC Player for Windows 8. And now

Mozilla Details The Feature Set For Firefox Metro On Windows 8.1

Firefox for Windows 8.1 may have been delayed to early 2014, but Mozilla is said to be deep into development of a new flavor of its popular web browser. Complete details on the Metro UI app have