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New Surface Pro 3 Firmware Brings Enterprise Features

They may not be a regular occurrence, but Surface Pro 3 firmware releases are always awaited. The latest one that Microsoft recently rolled out brings along a few new features. A few neat enterprise features. As these

Microsoft Rolls Out The First Ever Lumia Denim Video

Are you ready for Lumia Denim? Microsoft certainly hopes you are, as the company has just released what is the very first video that showcases the new firmware for Windows Phone. Although we’re yet to hear official

Lumia Denim Update Rollout Initiated For More Regions

Boy, Lumia 520 users are really lucky! Microsoft has initiated the Lumia Denim update rollout for more regions around the globe, including Europe and Asia Pacific, and the firmware is now up for grabs. The rollout began

Microsoft Starts Shipping Lumia Denim Update

At least, for some users. If you have been looking forward to the Lumia Denim update, then make way for some good news. It appears that Microsoft has begun shipping the refresh to users in China. The

Lumia Denim Update Is Close, Popular Models Getting It First

And getting it this month. The Lumia Denim update has been in the news for all the right reasons these past few weeks. With launch said to imminent, this firmware refresh is highly anticipated. All the while,

Surface Pro 3 To Get Several New Firmware Improvements

Microsoft seems to have prepared a bunch of improvements for its Surface Pro 3 tablet, and the company took time to out to detail upcoming firmware releases. The changelog has been provided ahead of time to aid

Lumia Denim Update To Launch On Flagship Devices First

Flagship devices like the Lumia 930 and the Lumia 1520. The Lumia Denim update is nearly upon us, and word is that Microsoft is now applying finishing touches to its newest firmware. And the release strategy is

Lumia Emerald Is The Next Windows Phone Firmware

The Lumia Denim firmware is slated for rollout in the coming weeks, but we already have signs of Lumia Emerald, which by some accounts is the next Windows Phone firmware. The successor to Lumia Denim has been

Lumia Denim Update Could Be Here In Two Weeks Flat

Two weeks for the rollout to begin but the completion could take a few months, as usual. The Lumia Denim update, it appears, is almost finalized in terms of development. And word is that it could start

New Surface Pro 3 Firmware Finally Fixes Limited WiFi Bug

Smack on target, Microsoft have launched a new Surface Pro 3 firmware update. And according to the release notes, this one takes care of the limited WiFi bug once and for all. The problem was reported by