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Internet Explorer 3 Security Flaw Finally Fixed After 18 Years

Internet Explorer 3, really? Microsoft paid attention to security since Windows 95, but it was really at the start of the last decade that things went into overdrive in terms of safety measures. And it seems a

New Windows Zero-Day Flaw Wreaking Havoc In The Wild

A new Windows zero-day flaw has just been unearthed, and worryingly, this vulnerability is already being exploited in the wild with reports of a few installations being compromised. Interestingly, it affects all versions of Windows, except for

Google Discovers Critical Windows Flaw, Microsoft Onto It

Microsoft and Google do not exactly see eye to eye, but security engineers with the search engine giant regularly help Redmond with product security by reporting flaws and vulnerabilities. This newest one has been discovered by Tavis

Security Expert Explains Why Most Attacks Target Windows

Android might have to contend with heaps and heaps of mobile malware, but the Windows operating system still remains the most targeted one around. On the desktop side of things, that is. And if your reason has

Here Are More Details About The Windows XP Flaw That Will Never Be Fixed

At least for most mortals that are still rocking the retired operating system. Microsoft recently confirmed a critical security flaw in Internet Explorer that is affecting all versions of the OS. This includes Windows XP, the platform

Word Security Flaw Discovered, Microsoft Issues Fix-It Patch

Redmond has confirmed that Word 2010 is affected by a critical security flaw that allows an attacker the ability to remotely execute code and compromise user data. The company is aware of attacks that use this exploit,

Five Security Updates Incoming On March Patch Tuesday

The penultimate Patch Tuesday before the high profile final one. April 8 is the big day when Windows XP is to get its last set of security fixes, and it is also the day when Windows 8.1

Symantec Provides More Detail On The Critical Windows XP 0-Day Security Flaw

While Microsoft is still investigating a recently reported flaw in Windows XP, security firm Symantec has put up more information on this vulnerability and which countries are under immediate threat. It seems that attackers have been attempting

Critical New Windows XP And Windows Server 2003 Security Exploit Unearthed

Nothing beats the feel of security news early in the morning! Redmond has just confirmed that it is investigating a critical security flaw that is affecting users of its older platforms. The company says it is aware

HP Security Experts Manage To Break Into Internet Explorer On Windows 8.1

Microsoft has worked wonders with Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1, making sure that the platform is more secure than previous iterations. As a result this is the version of the browser that is rarely in the