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Flipboard Waves Goodbye To Windows Phone

Flip no longer on board? Microsoft announced the arrival of the Flipboard app for its platform with appropriate fanfare all those years back, but now is the time to say goodbye. And that’s because the company has

Flipboard For Windows Phone Appears, Then Disappears

Another key app is now almost available for Microsoft’s mobile platform. After a lengthy development process, Flipboard for Windows Phone finally landed on the Windows Phone Store. Lengthy and finally, because it was more than a year

Windows 8.1 App Watch: Flipboard

You would be surprised what 592KB worth of data in apps gets you these days. Take the official Flipboard app, for instance, that has finally landed on the Windows Store. It provides an elegantly optimized experience in

Flipboard App For Windows 8 Almost Ready For Prime Time

Windows 8 is slowly and steadily getting key mobile apps left and right, with several large companies and services starting to port their solutions to Microsoft’s flagship operating platform. Flipboard, as you may recall, was one of

Microsoft Confirms Official Facebook And Flipboard Apps Are In Development

You can finally cross them off the list. Microsoft just announced at BUILD that a bunch of high profile apps are coming to the Windows 8 platform in the very near future. The foremost amongst them is