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Windows 10 Build 17704 Is Jam Packed

Whew, so many new features! After skipping a preview release last week due to a major bug, Microsoft has struck back with Windows 10 build 17704, part of the Redstone 5 branch. And this build comes with

Microsoft Starts Selling Fonts On The Store

That is to say, not all fonts published on the Microsoft Store are free, and Windows 10 users will need to pay to download and install some of them. Which isn’t entirely unexpected, come to think of

Fonts Arrive On The Microsoft Store

The everything store? There’s a reason why Redmond renamed Windows Store to Microsoft Store, and it’s because the company wants to evolve this outlet beyond just apps and games. Read up on the rebranding if you’re not

Microsoft Talks About How It Created A New Font For IE11 Reading View

Internet Explorer 11 has gained some solid traction in recent months, and is currently the best option for touch users that want to browse the web securely and efficiently. The latest version of Microsoft’s browser launched alongside