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Bill Gates Named The Richest Person In The World, Again

Good old Bill is in the news again. Forbes just released their rich list for the year, and Bill Gates ended up being the richest individual on it for the sixteenth time. Buoyed, of course, by the

Microsoft Listed As The World’s Second Most Valuable Brand

Ranking are rankings, right? Lists like this are mostly about perception. Still, Microsoft, thanks to its recent investments and enhanced focus on cloud and hardware, has found a place at the top. It has been listed as

Bill Gates Again Crowned The Richest Man In The United States

Bill Gates has just completed a significant milestone. According to this year’s list by Forbes, Microsoft’s co-founder has remained the richest person in the United States for 20 consecutive years. Gates finds himself leading the charts in

Forbes Reviews the Microsoft Surface Pro

Larry Magid at Forbes has an opinion about the Microsoft Surface Pro. Here’s some of the review: As a tablet, it works well, although at 2 pounds without a physical keyboard, it’s heavier than the 1.44 pound

Windows 8 Quote of the day – Tim Worstall – Forbes

I saw this article on Forbes and I thought the author had a pretty profound and eloquent quote. Whether you agree or not, it’s an interesting quote. From Tim Worstall – Forbes contributor: I could argue this

Great Forbes interview with Steve Ballmer

I just read a great article in Forbes where they interview Steve Ballmer. It’s a pretty nuanced and balanced portrayal of the CEO of Microsoft. Some choice quotes: Will Microsoft be disrupted? I don’t know.  So far

Eric Savitz – Should Microsoft buy Nokia?

Interesting video from Eric Savitz at Forbes. He discusses what the Microsoft Surface really means about Microsoft going forward and his thoughts about Microsoft potentially acquiring mobile phone company Nokia. I still personally think RIM would make

Forbes is bullish on Microsoft and Intel

In a recent article in Forbes, the author seems to be super confident about Microsoft and Intel’s outlook going forward. It struck me as pretty upbeat in a sea of negative press about Microsoft and Windows 8.