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Ford Using HoloLens For Automotive Design

It’s not the first time that HoloLens has been used to revolutionize and industrial process, but Ford has become the latest company to embrace the mixed reality device, calling it a powerful tool. So much so that

Alan Mulally Now Has Very Slim Chances To Become Microsoft CEO, Thinks Analyst

Redmond recently made public some details regarding its search for a new CEO, candidly confirming that the new person will only take charge sometime early next year. Rick Sherlund, an analyst with Nomura Securities has analyzed these

Report Claims Ford Board Is Pressing Alan Mulally For His Final Decision On Microsoft

I guess it can be said with reasonable assurance that Ford’s board has been more active in the media than the man Microsoft is seeking to replace Steve Ballmer as its next CEO. Alan Mulally, the current

Alan Mulally Is No Longer In Pole Position For Microsoft CEO Role

All it takes are some comments to change the situation upside down. Ever since the search for the new Microsoft CEO began, one name has been at, or near the very top of the list. It does

Mulally Will Not Make The Microsoft Switch Until Late 2014, Says Ford Board Member

Of all the names associated with Microsoft’s CEO seat, one name stands above all. Ford CEO Alan Mulally has been at the very top of near the very top of the shortlist ever since reports began surfacing.

Ford CEO Still Not Talking About The Possible Switch To Microsoft

Alan Mulally, CEO of carmaker Ford has rather firmly maintained that he is not leaving his current company until at least 2014, which on second thought is not all that far away. Still, even though he is

Alan Mulally Again Plays Down Microsoft Switch Rumors

This much is certain friends and neighbors, that the way Ford CEO has been denying things in the media, either something big is at play here, or this is the world’s most high-profile smokescreen. Alan Mulally quickly

Ford Board Discusses Mulally’s Possible Switch To Microsoft

Microsoft’s hunt for new CEO promised a lot of thrills and spills, and already things have taken a turn for the interesting. The current top candidate for the cherished position has started featuring in the news rather

Ford CEO Downplays Rumors That He Could Replace Steve Ballmer

According to the grapevine, Ford’s head man Alan Mulally is currently leading the race for Microsoft’s CEO position. Former Nokia boss Stephen Elop and a few internal candidates are following close behind. But ask the man, and

Alan Mulally Of Ford Now In The Race To Become Microsoft CEO

The quest for a new Microsoft CEO continues. Recent reports confirm that the company is looking at both internal and external choices, and we have some new names joining the race (ha!). The latest on this matter