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HTC Smartphone Shipments Expected To Drop By 33% In 2014

Things are about to get tough for troubled mobile phone maker, HTC. It has been a while since the Taiwanese company started losing ground on the smartphone market. And this decline is now set to significantly expand

Notebook Shipments Now Expected To Take Off, Thanks To Windows 8.1

Ha, who would have thought they’d be reading a headline like this! Go back six to eight months, and it seemed that every other person was blaming Windows 8 for the lackluster PC sales. Not many thought

Microsoft All Set To Increase Focus On Entry Level Smartphones

Redmond’s mobile operating system has been rocking and rolling recently. The company has a pretty good thing going for its Windows Phone 8 platform, and continues to slowly but surely gain market share and traction around the

Windows Tablet Makers Target The 8-Inch Display Form Factor

Up until the start of this year, the number of 8-inch tablets was actually very small. Even if you included devices a shade under this screen size, you would struggle to find many. But all that is

Dell On Track To Become The Third Largest Notebook Vendor

So here’s the story. Despite some calls to do otherwise, Microsoft is staying put on its decision to retire Windows XP early next year. April 8, 2014 is the big day. And this has left a lot

IDC: Windows 8.1 Quite Unlikely To Uplift The PC Market

Oh boy, that did not take long at all. While one would guess that after the release of Windows 8, most would have understood that a single software product can rarely save a whole industry. And that

Tablet And PC Shipments Expected To Reach 0.5 Billion Combined In 2013

Greatness is pretty much guaranteed when things work in unison. It has been one of the talking points of the technology industry whether tablet devices are really PCs, and how and where they should be factored in

PC Vendors Planning To Increase Focus On Wearable Computing

Mobile was long hyped up as a bold new frontier for computing. While some companies understood this early and ran away with success others realized this too late into the game and are now on the back

Twice As Many Tablet Expected To Ship In 2013 Than Notebooks

The war for mobile computing supremacy seems to be going according to plan. Back in January this year, NPD DisplaySearch foresaw this much when it said that tablet shipments would greatly exceed those of notebooks in 2013.

Windows XP Retirement Could Be Great For Enterprise PC Sales

It appears that desktop PCs may get one last hurrah. Windows XP is finally fading away, and with mere months remaining between official retirement of the operating system, Microsoft has amped up efforts to convince users and