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Next ARM Processors May Outperform Intel

1-2-3 Go! The race for processor supremacy is on, with all three big players firing on all cylinders. AMD, Intel and now ARM, all are bracing for a future where innovation in CPUs becomes the focus. But

Phones With Foldable Displays Are The Future, Says Microsoft

The patents are coming hard and fast, will the device itself, next year? Solid chance that we are getting close to the launch of the Surface Phone within the next few months now. And that’s because we

Microsoft May Exit The Hardware Market

Hmmm, so this is what has been brewing underneath? Even though nothing has been confirmed yet, there is talk that Microsoft may give up on the Surface line, and exit the hardware market altogether. And the reasoning

Windows 10 ARM Devices Still On Track, Microsoft Assures

If you’ve been keeping track of proceedings, you may have noticed that those Windows 10 ARM devices seem to have fallen of the path. Microsoft only gave them the briefest of mentions at IFA 2017. However, the

Don’t Expect Anything Major From HoloLens Soon

In other words, don’t expect anything at all for the next two years, as Microsoft tries to refine HoloLens, and its holographic and mixed reality platform. On the software side, if nothing else. And that’s because we

Apple Agrees With Microsoft: Phones Are Dead

Well, smartphones, rather. Microsoft said it loud and clear recently, that the smartphones are dead. At least, in the traditional sense, as we know them. It’s just that people have not realized it yet. In fact, Microsoft

There’s Trouble In Tablet Land

Even Microsoft can’t save the tablet market. Not when there is a clear and present shift towards hybrids and 2-in-1 devices. Figures provided by IDC confirm what we already knew. That the tablet market has continued its

Intel Thinks Windows XP Is To Blame For Weak PC Sales

How quick the tides turn! Intel was one of the companies that was quick to note that the retirement of Windows XP had a positive impact on sales of PC hardware last year. But that was then,

Windows Phone Share Expected To Dip Due To Lack Of Flagships

Let’s start the week with some talk about Microsoft’s mobile platform. The lack of flagship devices has started to affect Windows Phone share, with shipments likely to drop. No new flagship smartphones are planned for the start

Lenovo Set To Overtake Samsung In Mobile Shipments

Things just keep on getting from bad to worse for Samsung. While LG is matching their every move in the consumer electronics segment, they are also losing their hold in the mobile arena. And now you can