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Research Finds Microsoft As More Trusted And Essential Than Apple And Samsung

You’d have to think really hard to find a technology company that is more engaged (and trying to innovate) on multiple fronts than Microsoft. It is competing with Google, Apple and other market leaders in various fields.

Internet Explorer Still The Number One Browser Among IT Workers

Forrester has just revealed its latest study, this time concerning web browser usage in the workplace. And according to the research firm, Microsoft’s browser takes undisputed top honors. The statistics reveal that Internet Explorer continues to be the

Windows Azure Gains Momentum, Forrester Report Shows

Forrester, StatCounter See Slow Start for Windows 8

After a just over a month of its unveiling, Windows 8 appears to be lagging behind its predecessor, Windows 7, in its adoption rate. Forrester reports from its survey of corporate IT buyers that Windows 8 lags

Forrester Makes Some Windows 8 Predictions of its Own

We’ve heard all sorts of crazy analyst predictions about Windows 8. Now Forrester is producing some figures of their own. According to the Forrester’s Frank Gillet, Windows 8, RT and Windows Phone 8 won’t be smash sensations

Has Microsoft missed the Window for releasing a viable Windows 8 Tablet?

A new study released by Forrester seems to indicate that Microsoft have done themselves real harm by coming to the market late. Consumers’ interest in Windows tablets seems to be rapidly plummeting. In Q1 2011, Windows was