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Microsoft Unveils A Modern Version Of Its Support Forums

Microsoft’s community support forums make up an important part of the company’s products and services, with an increasingly large number of users turning to the forums for help and updates on any problems they encounter. And just

Users Rip Into Windows 8 On Official Microsoft Support Forums

Windows 8 is slowly finding its place on computers the world over, and as expected, comments from angry users are also finding their place on websites, message boards, forums, blogs and other such community channels. Even Microsoft’s

How Vaultpress saved my Windows 8 website from over 2000 404 errors

So imagine running a very successful Windows 8 blog with thousands of daily visitors. Imagine working with your technical staff to upgrade and update a piece of your site (Windows 8 Forums) and then disaster happens –

Introducing Windows8forums

So one of the cool things about owning your own business is the fact that you can make decisions on the fly. As the owner of this Windows 8 blog, I am approached by advertisers and joint