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Foursquare Releases Swarm For Windows Phone 8.1

A few moons back, Foursquare released a brand new application for its mobile users going by the name of Swarm, which provided users with check-in capabilities. Initially available on Android and iOS, the company promised a Windows

Windows Phone 8.1 Cortana Now Gets Foursquare Integration

Another new feature has been added to Cortana, the digital voice assistant that powers Microsoft’s Windows Phone mobile operating system. Foursquare now comes integrated. We first reported on this integration back in February, and it is now

Swarm For Windows Phone Coming Soon, Says Foursquare

Fans of Foursquare were treated to a major change yesterday, when the company announced that going forward, all check-ins will be transferred to the Swarm application. The app in question was announced a few months back. But

Foursquare Will Power The Cortana Voice Assistant, Says New Report

Development on Windows Phone 8.1 is chugging along fine, without many official details from Microsoft. If anything, this new version of the company’s mobile OS is now probably nearing release. And one of the key features in

Microsoft Invests In Foursquare To Enhance Location Based Data In Windows And Bing

Windows, Bing, individually, and then Bing on Windows are three of the biggest bets for Microsoft. And the company has made another widely expected move in order to enhance these products and services. The closeness between Foursquare

Microsoft Battling With American Express For Foursquare Equity Share

Microsoft may have a decently strong relationship with Foursquare, and the social company just recently launched its official Windows 8 app just a couple of days ago. But it did not take long for gossip to surface

Microsoft Said To Be Looking To Make A Strategic Investment In Foursquare

Foursquare sure has been in the news this week. The social company recently unleashed its dedicated app for the Windows 8 platform, but it appears that its collaboration with Redmond is poised to go one step further.

App Watch: Foursquare

The official Foursquare app was confirmed to be in development at the BUILD conference this year, and it has just landed on the Windows Store, sporting both Windows 8 and Windows RT. Just like the company’s mobile

Official Foursquare App Coming Soon To Windows 8.1

The floodgates seem to be opening. BUILD 2013 has seen announcements of several new features coming to Windows 8.1, but it appears that high-profile apps are finally following suit. Microsoft announced that several popular apps are coming

When Third Party WP8 Apps Are Better than Native: 4th & Mayor, Rowi

Much of the discussion about the potential of Windows Phone 8 (and Windows 8) revolves around the number of apps available for users in the Microsoft App Store.  As the lament goes, Windows Phone 8 has about