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Polaroid Showcases Two Windows Phones At MWC 2015

Polaroid may have made their name in cameras and film, but the company has been transitioning over to consumer electronics in general and mobile devices in particular. In fact, the French company brought along a couple of

Cortana Launched In France, Italy, Germany And Spain

The United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany and Spain make up five of the biggest markets in Europe. Cortana was already available in the first, and now users in the other remaining four get a taste. A taste

Microsoft Continues Expanding Surface RT Retail Presence, Tablet Arrives in France

Recently Microsoft has started to push its Surface tablet out to many new places. This includes several new retail locations in the United States and abroad. Now it seems that France is getting the Surface RT in

Microsoft Surface temporarily sold out in France and Germany

Apparently, there is SUBSTANTIAL worldwide interest in the Microsoft Surface. It seems that Microsoft has run out of the Windows RT tablet in both Germany and France. According to both of the Microsoft Store sites for both