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Freeware Fun: Duplicate Finder, Disk Defragmenter, Slideshow Maker

There is no other platform that offers the range of robust tools and utilities that Windows offers. Mobile platforms can’t compared, even Mac and Linux struggle to catch their breath when it comes to desktop software. Need

Freeware Fun: Coffees And Zips, Roots And Kits, Computers And Forensics

Ever wanted to monitor (almost) every single thing that goes on in your PC? You can either call in the forensics expert, or download the free tool listed below. Oh, and the list also includes a rootkit

Freeware Fun: Virtual Desktops, Windows 8.1 On A USB, The Very Art Of Dying

With all the news about Windows 8.1 Update 1 and the various optimizations and usability enhancements it is about to bring, it is the perfect time to look for what is on offer on current versions of

Freeware Fun: A Virtual Telescope, System Cleaner, Calendar Maker

The absolute best thing about the Windows platform is its unmatched selection of software. Apps are fine, but the real fun still lies with traditional programs. And this is set to grow even more with the advent