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Microsoft Demos Project N, A New Compiler To Speed Up Windows 8.1 Apps

Some would say that apps are one of the best things to happen to the Windows platform, and they would be right. While software has historically always been the forte of Microsoft’s flagship operating platform, apps have

Microsoft Highlights The New Fresh Paint App In Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 is set to debut in one week flat. The latest and greatest version of Windows will be here next Friday, and you can bet the farmhouse that Microsoft is applying the final touches to the

Microsoft Launches Fresh Paint For Windows 8.1

The Fresh Paint app was one of the first reveals that Microsoft was working on a refresh of its Windows platform. Back in March we got an early look at a completely new version of the popular

Microsoft Preparing Fun, Secret And Risky Metro Apps For Windows Blue

It goes without saying that Windows 8 is not just a radical shift in approach from Microsoft when it comes to the user interface and touch optimization, apps are also an important focus of the company’s newest