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Invitation to test – We’ll provide a $960 membership reward for your time.

Hi, it’s Onuora Amobi, the CEO of Learn About The Web. I’m also the guy responsible for building and quite a few other technology sites. Websites like this one have made me hundreds of thousands of

Win $500 – tell us what your vision for Windows 9 is

Here’s a chance to win $500 – tell us what your vision for Windows 9 is. So we are now fully focused on Windows 9 thanks to WZOR and Thurrott. Over the next few months, we will

My thoughts about the Michael Bay meltdown at CES 2014

I’m in the UK right now on a business trip and as a result didn’t get a chance to go to CES this year. From all the coverage I’ve had a chance to catch, seems like (just

Bing Rewards – this actually makes sense

So a few months ago, I wrote this article about Yahoo and the need for them to branch out and start rewarding/incentivizing users to use their Search Engine. The article was called “Yahoo should pay you to

The Acer Aspire R7 trackpad – what the heck are they thinking?

So I stopped by my local Best Buy today and was looking around. I stumbled on the Acer Aspire R7 laptop and HAD to share this with you guys. What the hell are they thinking with this track

Funny Microsoft internal spoof video with Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates

So these guys do have a sense of humor. This is a funny internal video from Microsoft showing Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer horsing around as Austin Powers and Dr. Evil. In the video you can see

Windows 8 Poll – Moment of Truth – Would you pay full upgrade price for Windows 8?

OK, so the fun and games are ALMOST over. Microsoft recently announced that their severely discounted upgrade pricing will come to an end in January. After January 31st of 2013, Windows 8 Pro will cost $199.99 and

Microsoft Marketing gets permanent Times Square Surface placement on MSNBC’s Morning Joe

So my favorite show in the morning as I get my son ready for school is MSNBC’s hit political talk show “Morning Joe”. Hands down this is the most popular politics morning show in America with widespread

Uncle L – LL Cool J is down with Windows 8

This week at CES, Microsoft announced a music collaboration app that’s being made just for Windows 8. The app is called Liquid MyConnect Studio. It’s produced by Boomdizzle, a company co-founded by musician actor LL Cool J.

Interesting new infographic from Pokki – Windows 8 Start Menu statistics

So, if you’re Microsoft, surely there’s a point when you realize that this is ridiculous? I haven’t been shy about saying that the absence of  a start menu and the insistence on making users deal with the