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Microsoft Releases MS-DOS For Lumia Smartphones

Perhaps the most elaborate April Fools’ Day joke of them all, surely the most useful. Microsoft have released a version of MS-DOS for Lumia handsets, and it is now available for download. For how long? No idea.

Bing Correctly Predicted 84% Of Oscars 2015 Winners

A little thing called the Academy Awards were held this past Sunday, also known as Oscars 2015. And Microsoft’s Bing prediction engine once again to amaze by correctly calling the shots. In fact, it only got 4

This New Lenovo Yoga 3 Prank Video Is Hilarious

As the biggest PC marker in the world, and always in the top two, Lenovo rarely has to go the extra mile to promote its hardware. The Yoga 3, however, affords the company a little leeway. Instead

Jen Taylor, The Voice Of Cortana, Is An iPhone Fan

Well, what do you know! Microsoft’s digital assistant service, Cortana, has been in the news these past few months, and here’s another electrifying new development. Cortana uses an iPhone. Or rather, Jen Taylor, the voice of Cortana

Splendid New Image Shows The Evolution Of Windows In Houses

It goes without saying but the Windows operating system is pretty much synonymous with the PC revolution. Now Windows can be found almost everywhere, from cars to the cloud, laptops to palmtops. And while the OS had

Easter Egg Implemented In Windows 8.1 Calculator App

Hand it to Microsoft for bundling in some fun in its software. One of the new Metro apps delivered with the Windows 8.1 Preview is the shiny new Calculator app that can be used to convert units

Google make fun of Windows Blue codename – Video

I just saw this video online today and cracked up laughing. I assume it was an April Fools prank by Google where they make fun of the entire “Windows Blue” concept. The actors are great and are

Fascinating discussion with Ari Emmanuel on the future of content and entertainment

Very fascinating discussion with Ari Emmanuel at the All Things D conference. At this week’s All Things D conference — D10, which marked a decade of these retreats — Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher were gracious enough

A Look At Two Very Unique Windows 8 Powered Automotive Projects

With Windows 8 Microsoft is attempting to break beyond traditional “Windows” barriers, in a strategy to bring its technology into new devices such as tablets. Beyond that though, Microsoft has also recently gotten behind several unique projects

Syncfusion releases 600 free Windows 8 Metro icons

Syncfusion has released its Metro Studio 1 suite of more than 600 vector-based Metro icons. Free to use and freely customizable, this release is coming  just days after the release of Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Syncfusion’s Metro