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Another Steven Sinofsky sighting – this time with a Surface

When you’re the president of Microsoft’s Windows division with a highly sought after device, there’s nowhere to just relax and have some food. I found this picture on Surface Evangelists Facebook photos page. It sort of reminds

Funny Windows 8 image of the day – Windows 8 Devcamp Twitter Feed

So I just finished a post about the Microsoft Devcamps for Windows 8 and after looking through the site, I saw something very funny. Take a close look at the Twitter Feed on the bottom right. I

The Gartner Group jump the gun about Windows 8 – AGAIN

I read a quote by the Gartner Group that made me feel just like the kid in the picture above – Really? Maybe it’s because it came from Fox News… who knows… *sigh* Here we go.. Michael

Windows8Italia scores major magazine exposure for a Windows 8 crack!

Our competitor had a very cool thing happen to them recently. They had their Windows 8 crack – Bluepoison published by a major print magazine! From their site (translated from Italian obviously): In August of 2010

Tooo funny, Hacking doing security testing…

I think Stephen may have missed this one. So get this, a guy named Chris Hacking is doing security testing for Windows 8 – no lie.. Chris Hacking Security tester doing design revews and penetration testing for