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Microsoft Working On A Modular Surface PC

Microsoft finally revealed the new Surface family this week, and in doing so also provided a few hints at what the future holds for its hardware lineup. And the future is modular. Probably. One of the highlights

Microsoft Reaffirms Commitment To Devices Business

It says a lot that Microsoft has to issue a statement regarding this, but the company has, once again, said that it is fully committed to the device business, and will continue to launch and support new

Windows 10 ARM Devices Still On Track, Microsoft Assures

If you’ve been keeping track of proceedings, you may have noticed that those Windows 10 ARM devices seem to have fallen of the path. Microsoft only gave them the briefest of mentions at IFA 2017. However, the

Don’t Expect Anything Major From HoloLens Soon

In other words, don’t expect anything at all for the next two years, as Microsoft tries to refine HoloLens, and its holographic and mixed reality platform. On the software side, if nothing else. And that’s because we

Intel Looks Far Into The Future With Ice Lake

The successor to the upcoming 8th generation Core processors, Coffee Lake, is currently in development at Intel under the codename Ice Lake. These 10nm CPUSs are expected to feature massive improvements. To the tune of anywhere from

Apple Agrees With Microsoft: Phones Are Dead

Well, smartphones, rather. Microsoft said it loud and clear recently, that the smartphones are dead. At least, in the traditional sense, as we know them. It’s just that people have not realized it yet. In fact, Microsoft

AI Now A Top Priority For Microsoft, Not Mobile

Word play. But this official statement from Microsoft is our clearest signal yet of the new strategy that the company has for the future. A future that, at least immediately, has nothing to do with mobile. In

Lean, Mean Windows Running Everywhere Is Microsoft’s Next Goal

Mission possible? Very much. Redmond has brushed off the crazy few Windows Vista years, and is now entrenched in refining the Windows platform. And a new job listing sheds light on the company’s vision. As this report

Empire Under Fire? Why Microsoft Just Has To Get Windows 9 Absolutely Right

The Windows 8.1 Update 1 express train is chugging along, while at the same time in some secret nooks and crannies of the Redmond offices, engineers are also hatching early plans for Windows 9. But while the

Windows At BUILD 2014 — What To Expect At The Event?

With the small matter of naming a new CEO out of the way, Microsoft can now shift attention to remaining matters that require attention. Remaining matters that are all centered on Windows, the company’s flagship product. BUILD