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PCMark Is Fully Compatible With Windows 10

PCMark Is Now Fully Compatible With Windows 10   Now, this is news that will please the purest of geeks and the trust of technology enthusiasts! Futuremark has just announced that PCMark 8 Professional Edition is now

Futuremark Announces PCMark 8 Benchmark For Windows

Futuremark Announces PCMark 8 Benchmark For Windows   Ever since the release of Windows 8, the folks over at Futuremark have been rather busy. The company recently released the latest version of 3DMark, its popular graphics and

New 3DMark Finally Released

Bang on target, today saw the release of the latest version of Futuremark’s benchmarking suite. After a series of delays and dismays the company finally set the launch date of February 4 last week. While the previous

New 3DMark Set For February 4 Launch

That makes it this coming Monday. Boy that was fast. The flagship version for Windows 8 will be out in a few days’ time, but the version for Windows RT, iOS and Android are still a few

3DMark For Windows 8 Delayed Yet Again

Guess what? The newest version of 3DMark benchmark software that was being developed for Windows 8 is delayed once more. And this time the developer is giving no timeline for release, either. 3DMark for Windows 8 was

3DMark For Windows 8 Set For 2013 Release

Benchmarking software from Futuremark have long been industry standard. The latest version of 3DMark was already confirmed more than a year ago when Futuremark announced that it is developing a dedicated version for Windows 8. Most expected

Gaming and 3DMARK Benching Software in Windows 8

For gamers, and likely 3D artists, more power behind the hood of a PC is always welcome. At the same time many gamers want a wide range of devices such as laptops, desktops, and even tablets for