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You Can Now Gift Apps On The Microsoft Store

Apps and avatars, both. If you recall, it was back in May that Microsoft launched game gifting on PCs through its Store, promising to expand this functionality to include PC and Xbox applications in the future. The

Play The Forza Horizon 4 Demo Now

What better way to charge up over the weekend than playing Forza Horizon 4? One of the biggest games of the year has gone gold. And Microsoft has a demo to prove it. Forza Horizon 4, the

Halo 5 Coming To A PC Near You

Maybe. Probably. Looks like Microsoft may finally be bringing Halo 5: Guardians to PC, after skipping the two previous mainline games in the series, which are still exclusive to the Xbox consoles. Of course, Redmond has shown

Windows 8 Store Set For Sunset

If you are one of the few that are still rocking the old version of the operating system, then make way for some news. Stores for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are all set for retirement.

New Windows 10 Games Announced At E3

A whole bucketload of them! In case you’re unaware, E3 2018 is currently ongoing. And Microsoft set the stage on fire yesterday by announcing a ton of new games. Almost all of them for Xbox One, and

Game Gifting Comes To Microsoft Store

Additions like these makes one wonder why they were not there from the start. Anyway, Microsoft has just announced game gifting of digital PC games, one of the more requested of features. This means that Windows 10

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition Launches

The biggest day of the year is here! Well, it is, if you’ve been anticipating Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, which Microsoft officially released on the Microsoft Store today. Exclusively, at that. The remake, or remaster if

First Windows 10 UWP Game Cracked

Pirates strike! It’s not often we talk about piracy on Windows 10, as Microsoft did a solid job of keeping things secure on its platform up until now. But pirates have cracked the first UWP game. Zoo

Second Windows Developer Awards Are A Go

Only second? This thing should have been there since the days of Windows 8. But anyway, Microsoft has announced that it will be holding its second annual Windows Developer Awards. With the awards likely to be handed

Pinball FX2 VR Launches On Windows Mixed Reality

Zen Studios to the rescue! The developer famous for pinball game has just announced that Pinball FX2 VR has made its debut on the Windows Mixed Reality platform. As you can imagine, the game will set players