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Surface Now Among The Top 5 PC Brands In The US

The journey that started in 2012 has now reached its first destination. Microsoft Surface has continued its growth trajectory, and the innovative line of hardware devices has grown in stature. Among buyers, that is. It now finds

Windows 10 Leads PC Shipments Back To Growth

Ladies and gentlemen, we have the first PC sales growth in six years. And we can thank Windows 10 for that, as the operating system is said to have generated an upgrade cycle that helped lift the

Windows Phone Market Share Dipped To Just 2.8% In 2014

Took a little while for the final mobile sale statistics to come out, but according to Gartner, the Windows Phone market share dropped to an overall 2.8% last year. Things sure seem to have taken a turn

Chromebook Sales Expected To Triple By 2017, Gartner

Now, Bingbooks is a word as unofficial as any, but Microsoft recently outlined a new strategy with plans to take on the raging success that Chromebooks have experienced in the last couple of years. You can read

A Gigantic App Ecosystem Is Microsoft’s Best Bet, Says Gartner

Software, they say, makes the hardware, which in turn drives the software. It is a perfect circle. We have seen many a great devices, some even ahead of their time, fail to take off due to lackluster

Windows Market Share To Only Increase By 0.5% This Year, Gartner

Microsoft has taken a number of steps these past few months in order to bring Windows to as many devices as possible. But in the grand scheme of things, the company still has a long way to

Yes, Windows XP has helped the PC market that has been going down since Windows 7

Analysts love to be right. Most do. With the looming retirement of Window XP on the cards, market watchers readily made a number of predictions, the prime among them being the notion that PC shipments will get

Tablet Shipments To Rise This Year, PCs Will Drop Another 6 Percent

You all know the drill, by now. PC sales falling worldwide, tablet numbers rising. Gartner once again beats this drum, as the latest forecasts are in. And it is more of the same from the market research

Microsoft Takes Over 2.1% Of The Tablet Market As Android Overtakes iOS

The green robot is taking over the world. The tablet world to be more specific, as the newest figures signal in the end of an era. The iOS platform has officially lost its tablet supremacy. Apple was

The Wait For Windows 8.1 Affected PC Sales, Says Gartner

Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, however, were released one year apart. But so lopsided was the strategy from hardware makers last year at the time Windows 8 made its debut that the effects of the lackluster showing