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Office 16 Beta Launches In October, Report

The Office division at Microsoft is busy at work on a bunch of interesting products, one of which we might be getting soon. Office 16 beta, it is being said, arrives next month. No surprises here, keeping

Microsoft Office 16 Brings Back Clippy, They Say

Microsoft Office is, for all intents and purposes, the company’s biggest breadwinner. Office 16, it is now being said, is the new version of the productivity suite that is in development. And it comes with a lot

Leaked Screenshots Provide A Look At Office Touch For Windows 8

An absolute cornerstone of Microsoft’s dominance in the technology world, Office is currently in the process of getting a touch optimized makeover. This, we have known, for well over a year now. And although we caught an

Microsoft Showcases Office Touch For Windows 8 At BUILD

There are some that believe that the classic Microsoft experience is still not complete on touch. Sure, the company has released a couple of flavors of its Office productivity suite. But they are not overly optimized for

Office Touch Will Probably Not Be As Feature Rich As The Desktop Versions

Redmond has already announced its plans to bring its Office suite of productivity applications on platforms beyond Windows. And this means the company is currently working on touch enabled versions of Office. Microsoft has, however, refused to

Metro Microsoft Office Expected To Come To Windows 8.1 In 2014

The future, in case you were not aware, is Metro. Microsoft is betting big on touch usage of computing devices, and all its latest operating systems are a testament to its belief in this philosophy. Microsoft even

Microsoft Office Blue Rumored To Launch This Year

While most eyes are on the upcoming Windows 8.1 and all the enhancements it is rumored to bring, Microsoft is also putting in some hard work on upgrading its Office suite of productivity software. Some know it

Office Gemini To Come In Windows 8.1, iOS And Android Flavors

Word on the street is (pun always intended) is that Microsoft is currently working on Gemini, a new set of updates for its Office productivity suite. This new version is said to include dedicated builds for Windows

Microsoft Preparing For Gemini Launch By Porting All Office Apps To ARM

Windows RT has recently been in the news for, shall we say, not the right reasons. While Microsoft’s foray into the ARM architecture pleased a lot of people when announced, the release has seen lukewarm response. In

Office 365 Backend to be Redesigned for Office Gemini?