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German State Switches Back To Windows

Game over for Hannover? The Linux adventure for Lower Saxony has come to an end, with the German state said to be planning to switch back to the tried and tested Windows operating system. A total of

Munich Ditches Linux, Moves Back To Windows

German city Munich has apparently had enough of Linux, as it has decided to move away from the open source operating system after 14 years, and now plans to get back to the Windows platform. But not

Microsoft Finally Ends Forced Windows 10 Upgrades

All is well that ends well? Only this one did not have that much of a happy ending. Microsoft has made the decision to finally bring forced Windows 10 upgrade to an end. Forced, aggressive, what have

What To Expect From Microsoft At Gamescom 2017

Gaming will become the top focus for Microsoft in just one week from now. Gamescom 2017 is set to get underway later this month in Cologne, Germany, and expectations are high from Redmond. Not just for what

Cortana Launched In France, Italy, Germany And Spain

The United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany and Spain make up five of the biggest markets in Europe. Cortana was already available in the first, and now users in the other remaining four get a taste. A taste

Microsoft Ready To Construct A Massive New Headquarter In Germany

China is apparently not the only market Microsoft is looking to aggressively expand its business. The Redmond based technology titan has big plans for Europe too. And to bring them to fruition, the company is ready to

Skype For Reportedly Launches In Germany

Microsoft recently announced that Skype, it’s popular VoIP service will be integrated with, the company’s email platform. But like most things this large in scale, the software titan announced a phased roll out across the world.

Microsoft Surface starting to (finally) ship to Germany, Canada and the UK

While the Microsoft Surface launch has gone rather smoothly in the United States, the same can’t be said for some international markets. Microsoft has apologized numerous times for delays in areas like the UK and even given

Microsoft Surface temporarily sold out in France and Germany

Apparently, there is SUBSTANTIAL worldwide interest in the Microsoft Surface. It seems that Microsoft has run out of the Windows RT tablet in both Germany and France. According to both of the Microsoft Store sites for both

Germany Passes Order That ‘Technically’ Calls For The Removal Of Windows 7 And Xbox 360

The Patent Wars have always gone on in the background, but in the new mobile age it seems like they’ve become fiercer and more deadly than ever before. Apple suing rivals for infringement, Microsoft suing for infringement