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Microsoft Rolls Out An Amazing December Deal, Is Offering $25 Gift Card To Buyers

It goes without saying that the timeframe between November and December is vitally important for Microsoft. The same can be said for most companies, sure, but the holiday shopping season is the real deal for the Windows

Microsoft Expects Windows Users To Spend $100 Million On Apps This Holiday Season

With sustained growth of Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8, the Windows ecosystem is fast becoming a formidable force. Both platforms are ever expanding, and Microsoft now expects big things. The growth of Windows Store (and Windows

Microsoft Officially Launches Gift Cards, New Windows 8.1 Contest

What is a launch without an accompanying contest for fans and users? Windows 8.1 brings the whole enchilada, and it includes a brand new contest with some nifty prizes. Before we get to the contest bit, it

Windows 8.1 Gift Cards Officially Confirmed By Microsoft

Rumors had been hot these past couple of weeks that Microsoft was gearing up to unleash Windows Store gift cards and thereby making available a new way for users to purchase apps. And just as speculated, this

Windows Store Gift Cards Will Launch Alongside Windows 8.1

Microsoft wants all its bases covered this time, as it prepares to unleash Windows 8.1, the latest version of its flagship operating platform. And the Windows Store retains an integral status in this new strategy. We recently

Windows 8.1 Gets Gift Card Option, $15 Gift Cards Available For Preorders

Microsoft will soon launch Windows 8.1, its latest operating system, and the company wants to make sure it has all its bases covered, particularly when it comes to sales. The new operating system is now set to