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Microsoft Outlook Infographic Shows Just How Limited Gmail Is

Ah, infographics. Easily digestible nuggets of information. A new Microsoft Outlook infographic has been released that paints Gmail in a rather bad light, and shows just how limited the competing service is. Redmond has a history of

We Do Not Snoop Into Gmail To Investigate Leaks, Says Google

Here is some news that is bound to make even Snoopy chuckle. Microsoft courted a fair bit of controversy when it was revealed recently that the company snooped through a user’s Hotmail account. Sure, it was due

UK Regulator Allows Microsoft To Air Scroogled Radio Ad

For those unaware, Pig Latin is a language game where players alter English language words according to a simple (or not so simple) predefined set of rules. Looks it up. It also recently featured in one of

Microsoft Relaunches Scroogled Campaign, This Time Targeting WiFi

If you have been wondering that it has been a while since we have heard something new on the Scroogled front, then stop wondering. Microsoft has just launched a new round of attack on Google. This time

Microsoft Launches New Scroogled Campaign Against Google Spam Ads

If you were wondering whether Scroogled was done and dusted, wonder no more. Microsoft and Google played nicely for a few months with collaboration on mobile apps and such, but the age old rivalry is alive and

Users Report Trouble Opening Gmail In Internet Explorer 11 Preview

As the recently released Widows 8.1 Preview is installed on more and more computers the world over, users continue reporting bugs to Microsoft so they can be fixed by the time the RTM version of the operating

Google Responds To Microsoft Attacks, Keeps Windows Out Of Its New Update

If you can’t beat them, hit them where it hurts, eh Google? Microsoft has directly attacked Google a fair few times in recent months, but the Mountain View based search engine giant has always taken the quiet

Microsoft: Expect Another Major Anti-Google Attack From Us

If you think the Scroogled campaign was all there was to it, think again. With Microsoft’s anti-Google campaign about to come to an end, the company is gearing on a second version. Most of you may be

Microsoft Takes a Swipe at Google’s Gmail

**This is a guest post written by Henry Conrad** Ads, though somewhat annoying, are generally okay. As long as the content or message isn’t offensive to anyone, advertisements are acceptable. But what if the ads popping up

Microsoft’s Anti-Google Campaign Rakes Up Thousands Of Signatures Overnight

There is a thin line between stupendous and suspicious — just ask Lance Armstrong. Hopefully this is more in the vein of stupendous from Microsoft, though there are enough reasons to believe otherwise. Here is the full